Car Detailing

Car detailing is a specialised service that should be practiced by a professional only. A detailer should have an advanced knowledge and understanding of using the correct equipment and products to achieve an outstanding result. At Concours Detailing, Bradley can take an older car that has scratches, swirls or holograms (usually from car washes or other environmental assaults) and carefully restore and protect the paintwork to an immaculate and gleaming finish – the original defects are not just hidden with product, they are completely eradicated. New vehicles can also be protected to allow your brand new paintwork and interior to be easily maintained and resistant to surface damage.



Meet the owner

Concours Detailing has over 15 years experience with professionally detailing cars.

Bradley Griffin started detailing at a Porsche dealership where he was trained to a very high standard. He now professionally details cars for clients across the country as well as the top dealerships in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and London with outstanding results.

He has worked on many prestigious and classic cars including; Bentleys, Ferraris, Porsches, McLarens and Aston Martins. Bradley is also highly favoured amongst car owner groups, in particular Tesla, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Bradley is fully accredited by Gyeon, Kamikaze, C-quartz and IGL – the world’s leading ceramic-coating protection systems. He uses only the highest quality products and the most modern equipment to ensure his work is the most supreme – across a wide range of services. 

Concours Detailing is fully insured and services include; new car protection, protection detail, enhancement detail, paint correction, wet sanding and show preparation. All services can be tailored to meet your needs and completed at your convenience, either at your home or the Concours Detailing studio.

Bradley is a perfectionist, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He will be absolutely committed to making sure your vehicle looks stunning and will work relentlessly to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. 

Certified & Accredited

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